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A+ Sora Moments

not gonna lie, this is probably why he’s my favorite character ever. gets smacked all the time, like Frodo, and gets back up, then gets slapped again, and then somehow manages to save the world with a smile on his face. never change kiddo.

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annnd Here’s Part Riku as promised! It’s a bit shorter in text than the Sora one but there was more written text and editing it out was a pain..
Anyhow…… Enjoy!

Part 1

aahh best


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Sora Part of RaS’s small comic they put up on pixiv the other day translated for tumblr’s convenience by me. Enjoy~ :3

Gonna work on Rikus’ part later tonight.

Part 2



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150 Followers~! Thank-you!

Uwah~! Thank-you all! 

I’m planning some really interesting shoots, but I was wondering, what would you all like to see~?

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Kabe don at RuffleCon (aka Kabe don con) with KAIE and BABI of Triple Fortune/ Brilliant Kingdom


photo credit by Lolita and the City!

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the Prince and the Derp or the Prince of Derp and his Princess of Derp. Anyway, my coord for the 2nd day of Rufflecon aka Kabe don con. 

Thanks for the pictures starrylightbox~! thanks for being derpy with me venusprince

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Saturday night at Rufflecon (it’s still called that at this point) I wore Charles Crown and hangin out with some frilly people!

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was all princely and junk, mackin’ on the ladies and gents, and then… I become an uke. 

…rough times in the kingdom, my friends.

not mad at all. Thank-you Victorianme and Venusprince for snapping these~!! can’t wait to see more!

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In case you didn’t know

Rufflecon was amazing. That is all.

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